Dr.Babu Padmanabhan phd

Melting and Mixing Capabilities

An extruder is a vessel for continuous processing of polymer and other materials where fusion of all ingredients can occur that may be accompanied by a chemical reaction or volatile extraction. The various ingredients in the material are forced to interact closely while undergoing size reduction (dispersion) to create a homogeneous mass as a result of weak adhesive bonds.

GEOMETRY Unraveled

Radial and lateral shear are not experienced uniformly by every macro-molecule or particle in the mix leading to the most common difficulty in plastics processing.Improvements in the working of the extruder always lead to creating circumstances for uniformity in the radial and lateral shear rates,extensional flow patterns and frequent re-orientation.

Contributing to materials development that is sustainable and environment friendly is SCS’ vision

The people of any land would like to have harmony in their midst and enjoy a well-developed quality of life.  To realize the Vision 2020 for India, a vision put forth by our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, a number of us have to dedicate ourselves to various missions.  SCS has a mission to contribute to sustainable materials development, specifically carbon- based materials, in this land. 

Interview of Dr. Babu Padmanabhan with Mr. Sandeep Nadkarni of Modern Plastic Polymers during the month of Oct-07

It is unavoidable for India to increase its per capita consumption of plastics from the current levels to about 12 kg by 2010. This means a growth of more than 200 per cent, which would benefit the automotive, electronics, appliance and packaging sector.  

Driving the future of compounding

Here is an organization where constant innovation and ceaseless hard-work have enabled it to carve out a prominent position, globally, for the quality and  precision of its products.

Polymer Compounding Accepting new challenges

Combining a base plastic resin with colours,  modifiers, additive, reinforcements, fillers or other polymers is being carried out in over 3,000 plants at a global level.      

SFVs to the rescue of co-rotating twin-screw extruders

The external profile of intake elements plays an important role in the feed zone of a co-rotating twin-screw extruder