Dr.Babu Padmanabhan phd
Application  of Materials
Energy Fuel cells, cellulose ethanol, polymer-based batteries
Food Green houses, packaged ready to eat Hygienic and nutritive food for busy professionals
Earth Life Cycle Assessment, bio-based materials that slow down global warming
Water Drip Irrigation
Home Modular toilets, paints Home Convenience: Climate control
Clothing Colored polyester threads, Thermally sensitive and chromic fabrics
Accessory Diapers and female hygiene products
Health Contact lenses; Spinal Bio material; Heart valves
Safety Heat and Electrical insulators; Glow-in-the-dark helmets and signage
Transportation Railway coaches, Bus interiors
Information Digital Paper; Scanner


Contributing to materials development
that is sustainable and environment friendly is SCS’ vision

The people of any land would like to have harmony in their midst and enjoy a well-developed quality of life.  To realize the Vision 2020 for India, a vision put forth by our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, a number of us have to dedicate ourselves to various missions.  SCS has a mission to contribute to sustainable materials development, specifically carbon- based materials, in this land.  No development can arise without professionalism and leadership.  Therefore, SCS has started gathering the best professionals in the industry who are also leaders in this field.  Leadership is about handling problems with grace and Professionalism is about getting things done in an “accountable” manner. 

What is a well-developed quality of life and how materials development can help?

Some of us may have noticed that, we (humankind) have a natural ability and interest in

  • Language & Literature
  • Science & Philosophy
  • Religion & Culture
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Earth & Space Exploration

A developed society offers time for man to pursue these aspects of life in full.  To understand the purpose of life on this planet seems to be an endeavour that has puzzled scholars for many centuries.  A simpler question to address is the purpose of our own life.  The quest for knowledge and its understanding binds all of humankind together.

Materials development contributes to all aspects of society including the development of arts
& crafts, sports & entertainment, exploration of earth & space, although, the effects are felt at a maximum when addressing the primary needs of man.
The primary needs of our society are in the areas of

  1. Energy & Food
  2. Earth & Water
  3. Home & Home Convenience
  4. Clothing & Accessories
  5. Health & Safety
  6. Transportation & Information (including communication)

Great strides in these areas are necessary to attain the status of a fully developed society.  These leaps are only possible only through renewable and therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly (toxin free) materials development.

In India

India can currently boast one of the lowest CO2 emissions in the world given our population size.  India releases just one quarter of the world average of one ton per person per year. Compare this, to the USA whose emissions are five times the world average.  Our materials development effort should not contribute to an increase in India’s greenhouse gas emissions or a negative impact on the environment.  On the other hand, it should contribute positively to minimize our ecological footprint.   A potential crisis looms ahead of us due to over-exploitation of earth’s resources rather than conservation and protection.  We need to use our experience to look deep into the future and anticipate potential calamities and ecological problems.  Being prepared is the only way to handle problems gracefully.  When people have health problems or get injured due to environmental damage, it is not acceptable.   We would need science and technology to act with a sense of purpose in conserving our natural world.

India can leapfrog over old generation technology.

  1. Is it possible that there were not enough land-line phones, because it would have been an unnecessary waste of resources with the advent of mobile telephony? 
  2. Possibly, we do not have proper power supply, because, every building whether residential or industrial will produce renewable energy without accessing the power grid.     
  3. Probably, there is no need to have proper roads because it may be easier to fly using a buoyant air-bus.

While the imagination runs wild, there is a need to ensure that leapfrogging is not only about superior abilities with more efficiency and lower costs but also to curtailing environmental pollution.  An example is Ni-Cd Batteries from previous-generation mobile phones are being carelessly disposed into the environment and Cadmium is a heavy-metal toxin.

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