Dr.Babu Padmanabhan phd


Driving the future of compounding

Centres of excellence

To support and sustain the manufacturing activities, STEER has the following centres of excellence:

  • Application Development Centre: This full-fledged 'Polymer Compounding Application Development Centre' located in Bangalore is used by researchers and organizations from around the world.
  • STEER Consultancy Services: It is the science, technical an engineering consultancy service division of STEER.  Its current focus areas  include polymer and extruders.
  • STEER Information Technologies: STEER-IT provides knowledge based high-end software services to the polymer compounding industry.  Its software Outline & Productline are important tools for the process industry.

The genesis

It is an interesting story of a person with grit & vision (along with great domain expertise) but beginning with small steps. Dr Babu Padmanabhan, the founder and managing director of STEER Engineering returned to India after his PhD from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a desire to contribute towards technological progress.
An accomplished analytical kinematician (kinematics is the science of motion, for the uninitiated), he established the company in 1993. Using these skills to write inhouse CAD/CAM software specialised to produce intricate geometry, STEER has come a long way in establishing a tradition of excellence in manufacturing complex geometry that includes the frames for tilting disc heart valve prosthesis. The company gets its name from the face depicted in its logo, which was created by Dr Babu by rolling a small piece of paper into a powerful image.

Dr Babu Padmanabhan, Managing director

We visualise quality more completely. It is the ability to deliver promptly (Time), quality products and services (Size), at competitive cost (Price) that provide long lasting value (Life). We summarise with the slogan - 'Price, Life, Time, Size – Visualise’. We understand our customer will get quality only if we use the highest and most reliable technology and we deliver the latest and most proven technology

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