Dr.Babu Padmanabhan phd

Dr. Babu’s main interest is research in the field of Polymer science. Later in his life, he wants to devote time exclusively for scientific research. He believes in Einstein’s creativity and audacity and Edison’s inventiveness & perseverance.

He believes in contributing to the welfare of people. He believes satisfying human needs in the most ‘efficient and effective manner’ will lead to economic success.


He is a simple and accessible person who has strong principles and beliefs and stands up for them.

God is the champion for the good and prayers provide the will power to succeed. Dr. Babu thinks the essence of human life is to ‘seek the truth, lead a useful and purposeful life, be helpful to others and be graceful in resolving all problems’.

A weak Mind is weaker than the strongest physique that contains it.

He tends to look at Nations as no different from a family. We cannot change our family name just because there a few scoundrels in the family. One would help one’s brothers and sisters — no matter whether they are lazy, dumb or foolish.

His thoughts

  • I wish to STEER A NEW WORLD
  • A world that is heaven on earth where the future is starting now
  • A world that is a great place to live and work together
  • A world that has high quality of life and services
  • A world where people are truthful, useful, helpful and thoughtful
  • A world where to be in hell is to drift and to be in heaven is to steer.